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Anniversary home session...

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I met this beautiful couple in Fuerth, near Nuremberg. They are married for one year and we decided to make an anniversary photo shoot at their home.

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Intimate home couple sessions have a lot of pros: they are possible by any wetter conditions, couples feel comfortable at home, they can wear what they want and the pictures look cozy, natural and intimate.

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Yes, this couple has no children yet. Probably, you would think what would your children do during the photo shoot? Will they distract you all the time and screw the whole couple photo shoot up? But it is not a big problem. Actually, my own daughter (4) came with me to this photo shoot and she just watched TV during the session, we had no problem at all. If you have a little baby it has to be time when it is asleep. But of course if you have a baby sitter, it is even better and much more relaxed.

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Such a photo shoot takes about 1 hour and it is not only a great memory for you, but also a nice experience and entertainment. You can buy such love story session as a gift card for a Valentine’s Day or your wedding anniversary.

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Looking for a professional couple photographer in Nuremberg and the region? Contact me and we can discuss the idea, your outfits and create together a mood board of your future photo shoot. Of course, we can find many great locations around, but sometimes I prefer to shoot such intimate and personal stories at home – all in all, home is where the heart is.

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