How can I be sure that we’ll be comfortable with Natalya?

I usually suggest that we get to know each other before the shoot to make sure everyone is comfortable and compatible. This is very important in reaching our goal: to produce authentic and natural pictures. Ideally, we should be in tune with one another.

What is a lifestyle photo shoot?

People laugh, run, dance and play. My customers say that the atmosphere is very relaxed during photoshoots with me. When I shoot, I’m somewhat like a film director, but I don’t sit on the director’s chair. I run, laugh and play right along with you to facilitate the lively and emotional mood we need. At the same time, I’m very concentrated – the light and the composition should be right, the decisive moment captured and the mood should not be lost!

How can I prepare for the photo shoot?

Your outfit is, of course, very important! I’d love to offer guidance (that comes from my many years of experience!)


All members of the family should be dressed in one style. For normal family photo shoots, a relaxed, casual style is ideal for all members; no pumps and no tie, but your favourite sweatpants should ideally stay at home.


Fortunately, the days when the whole family wore the same white t-shirts and blue jeans to a photo shoot are over. But that doesn’t mean that you should arrive at the family shoot in just anything! On the contrary, coordinating colours are very important for a harmonious picture! Peruse Pinterest for inspiration or even use the harmonious color wheel. Need help? Contact me, and I’ll be happy to help.

Patterns / monochrome / logos

Please refrain from outfits that are too colourful. Clothes that are too colourful can distract from the most important things – your faces and emotions. Please, no large or clearly visible logos or patterns on clothing, that too can distract. In most cases it is better to choose monochrome clothes that aren’t too bright.

What to bring to the photo shoot:

  1. Something to snack on and drink, a favourite toy, diapers, etc. for the children. Kids unexpectedly get hungry, need comfort, etc. during outdoor sessions. 🙂
  2. A change of clothes (that match your style) children, if you’d mind them getting dirty near the end – though I don’t. 🙂

How to plan your day?

Please, don’t plan any activities before the photo shoot – we want the children happy and well-rested. For newborns, I find morning shoots work best. For families with toddlers and school kids, I definitely recommend “golden hour” outdoor sessions. Golden hour is the last hour before sunset.

Why do I need a make-up artist for my photo shoot?

I believe we all have natural beauty. That’s why I only do natural make-up – to emphasise your beauty. I trained as a make-up artist and stylist in Russia (see my certificate below) and have been styling my photoshoots myself ever since! My customers benefit 100% – everything you need to look your best, in one place. Learn more about packages that include professional makeup application.

What pictures can I expect from a photo shoot?

Before choosing a photographer, browse their portfolio! If you want posed family pictures and classic poses – I may not be the right fit. Take a look at my portfolio and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Why should I invest in a professional photographer?

Posed family pictures can be made by almost anyone with a smartphone these days. Why pay for a professional photographer? When the photographer is not just a service provider, but an artist.

We only need a few pictures, can we only take half of the Silver package?

Unfortunately, no. The package accounts for my transportation, materials, etc. so the price is set accordingly.

Is anything possible with Photoshop?

Generally, yes. But photography is basically “drawing with light”, not “drawing with Photoshop” (from Greek “photos” – “light”, and Greek “graphein”- “write, draw”). That’s why I try to do my best during the preparation phase and the shoot itself and not in Photoshop after the session. It is impossible to turn a bad photo into a good one, but retouching a little thing that could not be changed during the shoot (for example, making a pimple completely invisible) – that is possible!

What is lifestyle photography anyway?

  • For many, looking in from the outside, it seems to be easy to shoot such candid, lively pictures: “These are just snapshots from reality, the photographer didn’t do anything special, we can do it ourselves!” In reality, it’s not true. Of course, what I photograph is reality. But it is better than just reality. And I am happy to explain why:
  • Each genre of photography has its own visual language. Pictures that have been edited a lot with Photoshop (especially those with surrealistic, unrealistic motifs) tell the viewer: “I am art. You can’t photograph something like that yourself”. Staged studio portraits narrate: “I am a masterful picture, technically perfect. In order to take photos like this, you have to have and be able to use professional equipment ”. And only the lively, authentic, imperfect and perfect, cinematic and sensual lifestyle image conveys: “I am life itself!”